Everything Edit Package

Comprehensive Editing

This is a comprehensive editing package and the best option if you plan to contact agents and publishers or self-publish and want your book to stand out from the crowd. With the Everything Edit, you'll get two rounds of editing combined into one. In other words, you’ll get extensive big-picture feedback (the macro view) AND you’ll get line-by-line edits (the micro view). Since this service includes a content edit, you’ll likely need to revise your book after receiving our feedback.

We'll address:

  • the "hook"

  • plot and structure (for fiction)

  • argument and analysis (for nonfiction)

  • character or content development

  • setting and description

  • point of view and dialogue

  • voice and style

  • narrative pacing

  • telling versus showing

  • common language issues

  • marketability

  • awkward or unclear writing

  • sentence length and variety

  • paragraph flow and transitions

  • clichés and weak words

  • wordiness and redundancy

  • dialogue tags

  • verb tense usage

  • changes in point of view

  • most errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

time frame:

  • 5–7 weeks


  • inquire for rates

Hiring The Artful Editor was like getting the expertise of an editor coupled with the creativity of a storyteller.
— Michael-John Wolfe, author of 7 Celebrity Stories, One Ordinary Guy