Manuscript Critique

Editorial Letter

This is a big-picture assessment of your manuscript and is a recommended first step. You'll get a long and detailed letter similar to an agent’s report that addresses your book's strengths and weaknesses, structure, characterization, genre, marketability, and more. A critique is vital if you are seeking an expert opinion on your work, feedback on what to revise, and guidance on next steps.

If you'd also like margin notes, see Developmental Editing.

we'll address:

  • the "hook"

  • plot and structure (for fiction)

  • argument and analysis (for nonfiction)

  • character or content development

  • setting and description

  • point of view and dialogue

  • voice and style

  • narrative pacing

  • telling versus showing

  • marketability

turnaround time:

  • 3 – 5 weeks

See sample critique