Need assistance with submitting your manuscript to literary agents and publishers? We'll critique and edit your query letter, synopsis, and the first ten or fifty pages of your book (fiction and nonfiction). For nonfiction only, we'll help you polish your book proposal.

Several of us have worked at literary agencies or in-house for publishers, and some of us have agents ourselves, so we have a pretty good idea what agents and acquisition editors are looking for. Let's work together to make your book stand out from the slush pile.

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Query Letter & Synopsis Edit

You have one chance to make a good first impression when contacting literary agents and publishers. To ensure that your book stands out, we'll help you craft a strong query letter that you can tailor for each submission. We'll also critique and edit your synopsis. Just send us a draft of your letter and synopsis and we'll get started. (Includes two rounds of review.)

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Submission Package

A typical submission package to agents and publishers includes 1) a query letter, 2) a synopsis, and 3) the first ten to fifty double-spaced pages of your manuscript to help them decide whether to take on your book. We'll critique and edit all three parts of your submission package to ensure that your book catches their attention.


Book Proposal Service (for nonfiction)

Many agents and publishers request to see a nonfiction book proposal that includes a cover letter, synopsis, table of contents, chapter summaries, market analysis, author bio, and sample chapters. This document is typically fifteen to thirty pages long. Hire us to critique and edit your nonfiction book proposal before you send it out.

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