The team’s guidance was invaluable in helping me publish my first book. No doubt where I’ll turn to for my next.
— I. Leigh Private, author of On the Okey Dokey Trail
I’ve learned more from your feedback than I have from all my writing classes combined.
— Jeffery Weaver, author of A Recipe for Hope
Your feedback was just the level of editing I needed, a bigger picture of the first fifty pages.
— Ainsley Wynter, romance novelist
You went above and beyond with your craft, as if my story was your own.
— Greg Matos, author of Shattered Glass: The Story of a Marine Embassy Guard
Hiring The Artful Editor was like getting the expertise of an editor coupled with the creativity of a storyteller.
— Michael-John Wolfe, author of 7 Celebrity Stories, One Ordinary Guy
Artful Editor, indeed! Naomi’s prices are reasonable, and her professionalism and work are superb!
— Elle Simon, author of Swimming in Your Brain
Impressive. . . . Every decision was the correct call.
— Stefanie Fife, author of The Stroboscopic Life of Blake Winkler and Other Stories
My editor was precise and insightful. She not only pointed out the areas where my manuscript excelled but also gave me the tools to fix the elements that didn’t.
— Crystal Smith, novelist
You offered me valuable insight, clear guidance, and, most importantly, confidence as a writer.
— Ly Nguyen, author of Same Same
Naomi was very easy to work with. . . . Her input was crucial in helping me put out the best book possible.
— Madison Bradford, author of Moneymalism: A Minimalist Money Guide
Naomi’s work is of the highest quality. I will definitely call upon her again!
— Dr. Brandy Engler, author of The Women on My Couch and The Men on My Couch
These critiques are great! I can already tell this feedback will be massively helpful in my revisions.
— Ariel Carter-Rodriguez, YA novelist
I hired The Artful Editor to do a developmental edit on my horror novella. Naomi and company helped me to refine and vastly improve my story.
— A.M.F., author of The Drinker of Suffering
You were dead-on with the critique!
— Mike Damascus, YA novelist
I highly recommend The Artful Editor services to any author, especially to those who are just starting out.
— Dee Simon, author of Play Something Dancy
After working with Naomi, I know I made the right choice. She is professional, thorough, and truly cares about my project. I am thrilled with what she and her team have done for me.
— Jeffery Weaver, author of A Recipe for Hope
I have finally found the professional and detailed editor I’ve always hoped for.
— Hank Estrada, author of Unholy Communion
Do yourself a favor and hire The Artful Editor; you won’t be disappointed. In a nutshell . . . brilliant!
— C.F. Lacy, author of The Women's Club

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