You've written a book and are now seeking to have it professionally edited. We'll take care of that so you can feel confident about sending it to a literary agent or self-publishing your book. A book that is well structured and free of errors is essential if you want it to succeed in the publishing marketplace. Readers have a low tolerance for poorly written, unedited books. You can minimize bad reviews and rejection by having your manuscript professionally edited by us.

We edit fiction and nonfiction in all genres. Our editing rates are between 1.6 cents and 4.3 cents per word. We also provide coaching services and agent query services.

Not sure which service to go with? Email your first ten pages to and we'll give you our recommendations.

Manuscript Critique

Editorial Letter

A manuscript critique is a big-picture assessment of your book and is a recommended first step for every writer. You'll get a long and detailed editorial letter similar to an agent’s report that addresses your book's strengths and weaknesses, structure, characters, genre, and marketability and includes guidance on revision.

Developmental Editing

Editorial Letter + Margin Notes

Developmental editing is a thorough big-picture edit of your book. You'll get a detailed editorial letter (like in the critique service above), PLUS extensive feedback and suggestions inserted into the margins of your manuscript. Lots of coaching on craft and examples will be included.

Line & Copy Editing

Line-by-Line Edits & Corrections

Line editing is when we examine your book on the sentence and paragraph level and address awkward or unclear writing, wordiness, redundancies, clichés, weak dialogue, and more. If your book requires a substantial rewrite, we can do this for you (what we call ghost editing, or book doctoring).

Copyediting is a line-by-line correction of your manuscript, with the goal of making your writing clear and professional. We'll correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling; flag any inconsistencies we find; lightly address word choice and phrasing; and do light fact-checking.


Everything Edit Package

Comprehensive Editing

The Everything Edit is a comprehensive editing package. It’s the best option if you plan to contact agents and publishers or self-publish and want your book to stand out from the crowd. With the Everything Edit, you'll get two rounds of editing combined into one. In other words, you’ll get extensive big-picture feedback (the macro view) AND line-by-line edits (the micro view).

Beta Reading (fiction only)


Our beta-reading service is for any writer seeking honest feedback from readers about their book. A beta read can help identify issues with readability, cohesiveness, or marketability. When you send us your book, we’ll share it with a pool of trained beta readers. You can choose to hire one, two, or more readers to read your manuscript and provide an honest response to your work.

We'll tailor a quote just for you.

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