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How we work: When you send us your manuscript, we'll assess the editing service it needs, then assign it to an editor.* Our team includes developmental editors, line editors, copyeditors, proofreaders, book coaches, and ghostwriters. If your book would benefit from several rounds of editing, each round would be done by a different editor. We've learned from our years of experience in publishing that this "team approach" ensures the highest quality book possible.

*If there's a particular editor you'd like to work with, let us know and we'll try to arrange it.

Click on image for Naomi’s full profile

Click on image for Naomi’s full profile

Naomi Kim Eagleson

editorial director

Naomi is the founder of The Artful Editor and has been editing professionally over twenty years. She began as an assistant editor at a literary journal, then as a manuscript reviewer for a publishing company. Since launching The Artful Editor in 2010, she and her team have helped hundreds of authors with their manuscripts. Naomi has an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and is the author of Radiant Field published by Tinfish Press. Her writing has appeared in Ms. Aligned: Women Writing about Men and Century of the Tiger: One Hundred Years of Korean Culture in America and in various journals. She lives with her husband and cat, in Santa Monica, California. When she's not editing, she's working on a novel set in Japan and eating a lot of ramen.

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Click on image for Jackson’s full profile

Jackson Palmer

editorial manager

Jackson is the author of The Meek and The Monster, the first two books in a dystopian trilogy. He studied drama, acting, and playwriting at the University of Montana before moving to Los Angeles almost ten years ago. Since then he has pursued an acting career as well as penned his first novels, various screenplays, and short stories. An avid reader, science-fiction and fantasy usually find their way to the top of the mounting book pile next to his bed. Growing up in northwest Montana, Jackson prefers to be outside, whether it be camping, hiking, or playing in the rain. He is a cutthroat Scrabble player and throws axes to combat writer’s block.


Our Artful Editors

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Susan Hughes

Katie McCoach

Sara & Chris Ensey

Jennifer Zaczek

Ernesto Mestre

Michelle Hope

Dorit Sasson

Christina Palaia

Jill Johnson

Mollie Traver

Kim Stoker

Jonathan Starke

Denise Logsdon

Rachel Howard

Tammy Salyer

Ashley Henshaw

Mary Auxier

Crystal Watanabe

Todd Summar

Robin Samuels

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