We are a book editing & production company.


Our EDITING Services

Manuscript Critique

editor's report

Developmental Editing

editor's report + margin notes


line-by-line editing



pre-publication polish

Everything Edit Package

comprehensive editing

Business Editing

websites, pdfs, & more


Book Design

Cover design, interior & e-book design

Query Services

agent query letters & book proposals

A Message from the Founder


My mission is to help you make your writing as good as it can be before you publish it. Creating a successful novel or nonfiction book involves many steps and the input of several professionals. I believe too many published books are put into the market too early, where they fail to thrive. Don't let this mistake happen to your book. 

Our artful editors have years of experience and have edited for New York publishing houses, small presses, and companies.

When you hire us, we'll clear up errors and weak writing. We'll also tell you where your story or argument has lost its way and how to get it back on track.

We believe that good writing changes lives. Let's make that happen together. Sign up for a free consultation.


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