Christina Palaia

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Christina Palaia, a Jersey girl who wandered west, lives in a bright and cozy yurt on the side of a mountain in northwest Colorado. She’s addicted to words and has been playing with them since she was a little girl who wrote short stories for fun. She apprenticed as a copyeditor at a small bookmaking shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she learned her craft on manuscripts published by the major New York houses. Before too long, she struck out on her own as an independent editor and, over the course of more than twenty years, has assisted authors with both nonfiction and fiction. She helps writers develop their book manuscripts and then provides stylistic editing and copyediting; if authors are stuck, she can coach them through to completion or lift the burden with ghost editing. She shares her humble homestead with an ancient horse and pony and two wild mountain kitties who keep the chipmunks at bay. When she’s not at her desk, she enjoys hiking the nearby forest trails and observing the wildlife that drift into her garden.

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  • manuscript critique

  • developmental editing

  • line editing

  • copyediting

  • proofreading

  • indexing

  • book coaching


literary fiction, contemporary realism, thriller & crime, fantasy, historical fiction, biography, self-help, science, history, medicine, politics & current events, travel

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